About Us

PROJECT: Space Available is 13 months of live-performance-installation artist residencies.

This all began as a dream to give an opportunity to multidisciplinary artists who work in the intersections of live-performance and installation-art to research, inquire and be in creative-process in the actual space of their performances. This project also fit with the sustainable ecological models both Monica Mata Gilliam & Vanessa DeWolf have been actively creating for artists to grow and thrive in.

We created this series of residencies to cultivate dialog and research ideas of engaged healthy creative practices, art-culture and actively unravelling the traps of isolation we often feel as artists. This project has a rare emphasis on creative process and discovery.

We selected these artists as explorers, adventurers into the unknown pathways of their own creativity. Certainly the work will represent a diverse range of aesthetic points of view, mediums and events. Each artist will create their own ecosystem that will emerge in unique and unpredictable ways….. please join us to see how these mysteries unfold.